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Son of Switch
Weight: 1940

Thorson is a three year old (2017) from the Cammack Buffalo Ranch. Thor exhibited phenomenal gains. His weening weight was 484 pounds on November 25, 2017. Weight to grass on May 22, 2018 was 716 pounds with a 1.62 ADG. Weight on December 18, 2018 was 1150 with a 2.42 ADG! In November of 2019 he weighed 1410 pounds.


Weight: 1510

Three year from Turner's Castle Rock herd. Super Thick bull with a wide back end. He's shown phenomenal gains.



Weight: 1200

Magnus is a large framed yearling bull from Viking Bison Ranch in Saskatchewan.


Cow 99

Weight: 1215lbs

Tina, cow number 99, is another homegrown cow selected for her girth, super dark color, and overall large frame. Her 2018 heifer calf won first place at the WBA Show and sale.

Cow 91

Weight: 1210lbs

Yolanda, cow 91, is a homegrown cow with a Loiselle mother and a Snyder father. Selected for her great conformation overall mild demeanor.


Cow 48

Weight: 1320lbs

Cow number 48, Naomi, is a super long framed homegrown cow. Named after the highest peak in Cache Valley, Utah.

Cow 69

Weight: 1285lbs

Behemoth of a homegrown cow. This big boned mama was selected for her girth and substantial frame.


Cow 97

Weight: 1120lbs

Cow 97 is another homegrown cow. She was selected for nice conformation and substantial height. She has a habit of sticking her tongue out.

Cow 41

Weight: 1125lbs

Long homegrown cow pictured with her 2019 bull calf, largest of his class. Weening weight on 11/12 was 540lbs.


Cow 44

Weight: 1275

Substantial homegrown cow. Selected for her large frame. Big brick shaped mama. Produces amazing calves!

Cow 68

Weight: 1100lbs

Rectangular shaped young cow. Loiselle mother and Snyder father.


Cow 817

Weight: 1080

Original member of our herd from Loiselle Ranches. This cow is 22 years old. Still producing a calf every year. What an amazing woman!

Cow 43

Weight: 1155

Daughter of 817. Snyder father bred some length into the genes.

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